First Day on WordPress!

Yay! I’m venturing out into the unknown (for me) world of blogging!

Ok… I’m not that excited; I’m nervous too. I am starting this up to help me get away from the endless Facebook scrolling, liking and sharing that I tend to do. It is a big time suck for me and I have better things I could be doing. I love reading about what my friends and family are doing (on Facebook) but the extra stuff on there is doing me in.

On to the “better things” I mentioned. 😉 I want to spend my time creating awesomeness and taking care of the real life things I need to do. So, from now on; when I randomly get on Facebook it will be to see what everyone has said about their real lives. No more ‘extras’. Also, this blog will be about my real life (or as much as I will post publicly if that applies). So, please don’t expect anything else.

I do love to express myself in the written word. So, I’ll be posting more soon! 🙂


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