Boxes are all on their way! (Finally)

All my boxes are on their way finally! Yay! I am excited to get them and play with all my new birthday gifts

It is actually cold enough today for me to use a couple of my cold weather birthday gifts 🙂

I saw a trailer for “Lucifer” today. Fox is making it a comedy type show. He has creepy eyes (what devil wouldn’t though…) and it looks promising. It is amazing what some people think up.

I finished a full page Zentangle the other day; on 9×12 inch marker paper. I only used three colors. Royal Langnickel Nano-Liners, 0.2 mm alcohol based marker pens in red, green, & royal blue. (Thanks for the pens Mom <3)

Mom got a tomato plant from Carl and I for Mother’s Day. I’ll have to see how fast hers will grow and how many tomatoes we each get this year! 🙂

I am continuing to shrink what I am keeping in my Studio. When the Chameleon Pens get here I will be giving away almost all of my alcohol markers and pens (NOT my Adirondack ink bottles or any india ink, dry media, inktense or water based media) with a few exceptions of metallics and a couple black sharpies. I think the neon colors (which I don’t have in alcohol based media) can stay in my acrylics section.  When I get the second set of Staedtler pens (I hope I spelled that right) I will be paring down my water based pens/markers too. I will be keeping my AtYou Spica pens (I love the glitter look) and my Zig clean color brush pen/markers. I think pretty much all other pen/marker type, water based media will probably be given away also. *** I may try doing a give away on YouTube 🙂 *** If I pare down enough; maybe I can fit all the items I use into the perimeter of my Studio. I could actually do YOGA!!!! As it is; I feel like a sardine. 😦

My Studio is not the only place I am paring down. Less truly does seem to be more and it has been way too long since I’ve done any ‘spring cleaning’. Which I think I will want to do twice a year btw. 😉 I have been cleaning out my closet and bags/purses. 😮 I know, shocker right?! I hope to eventually get all my clothes to fit in one quarter of the closet and the bags, purses, hats, shoes, gloves, scarves, suitcases & media travel bags in the other quarter of my half of the closet (that I use). We shall see how long it takes me to get there. It may be a while *sigh*… I have a lot of electronic media type stuff and didn’t realize how many clothing items I had. Eeek! If anyone is interested: I am taking my unwanted items to the thrift shop off of second and union when I can. There are quite a few really nice items there & there will be more soon! ❤

I will try to post once a week on here and get into the groove 😉


My box came in this morning! Yay! I got 5 (12×12 size) pages of scrapbooking done. Wahoo! Possibly getting a mat for my rolling chair tomorrow and a design board for quilting!!!!! Now I’m either going to crash for a few hours or play with my goodies some more.

The suggested video and or photos of my cool new stuff will be after I get my Chameleon Pens in on Friday ❤ 😀


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