Still cleaning

I’m bushed. That all day cleaning and organizing purge yesterday was exhausting. Carl barely woke me up this morning to tell me it was time to go to the post office.
I got my new nail polish in and it is awesome! I didn’t think I would be as thrilled with it as I am. 🙂 I like my gel nail stuff but now that I am purging items in my studio – I keep noticing items I can get rid of around the rest of the house. That would include my big UV light for my nails. I constantly use my little one. I don’t think I’ve gone back to the big one since I noticed how much I liked the little one. Anyway- the color is a lovely nude that is barely tinted pink.
My lettuce is growing very well and my tomato plant finally caught up to it height-wise. Maybe I’ll have salads soon! I am excited to be able to just pick the veggies and eat them. (I already started with the lettuce some.)
I keep finding all kinds of stuff I didn’t know I had. I could have used some of it too. Anyway – everything I keep in here will be organized in a way I understand. So it will be easy for me to get to and I can use all my stuff.
Oh, BTW, if anyone needs any random office supplies (other than binders – those have been requested already) then you can head on over to the thrift shop between 2nd & Alameda on Union. I’ll be taking it all there. I guess that is if it isn’t something they will use themselves *for the business*. I’ll be cleaning out my bookcases next and that is the stuff that will probably be out the door. 😉
I am really liking these new chairs! I can sit and be comfy when I take my breaks. I have yet to really mess with the other stuff too much since they are kind of all behind the chairs at the moment. I have plans for them though.
I may even be giving away some sewing patterns once I get things situated. So keep your eyes peeled. I found out I don’t like sewing near as much as I thought I did. Mom will have first pick but after that I will probably have a post put up about purging them. If you hit me up with a comment on my blog before I take them to the thrift store there is a possibility they could be all yours. ❤ I have maybe 5 -6 things I want to make from a pattern and probably about a hundred patterns or so. 😉
After I have a studio space that doesn't embarrass me too much I may post some photos. As it is… well… you'll have to make do with the ones on my blog.
❤ u all.


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