Etsy App Fail!

Weeeell. I was going to put up my Denim Soutache Jewelry Set for sale today. As you can see from the Title of my blog post; the darn “Sell on Etsy” App failed on me when I was typing up a really nice detailed description. Ugh! All that time and specific wording down the drain! 😦 I was so very unhappy. So, instead I will most likely try again tomorrow but probably not on my phone this time!

I did some more inventory pages in my little inventory book. 🙂 I put in my Koi watercolor pocket field set and my Derwent inktense pencils today. That may not sound like a big deal but it kind of was. I’m very particular so I wanted it to be pretty and also needed to cover up the back of the previous pages. I had inventoried some pens and markers that showed through (the paper is thin).

Of course Riin wanted to jump in my lap half the time and take a nap. Poor kitty. She is currently sleeping peacefully in the chair next to me.

Speaking of inventory. I am probably about 1/3 of the way through inventory of my stamps but I am just hating the black and white. I want color! I will have to decide if I will try to do color washes on my stamped pages or not.

I did put a little more into my art journal over the past couple days. I ordered a how to draw the Legend of Zelda book from for my birthday and have been trying to draw Link (adult version) for a couple days. I find that tracing the steps is usually what works for me. It gets my hand muscles used to the motions for the specific drawing. So, I copied what I needed to trace to learn it (since I own the book I figure it is ok to just use part of it at a time and don’t want to cut the book apart or anything). Then, I pasted the specific things I needed to trace – into my art journal. So now I can use my seperate paper that I have that is thin and learn the muscle movements to make him look like they have him in the book (or at least similar). My first attempt had his head looking funky shaped and a super mean look on his face (not the serious one they have).       Also, I stamped some butterfly stamps I have, onto some card stock and cut them into individual butterflies and put them into my art bag to color and paste into my journal or whatever I want to do with them. (I prettied a card up with a couple and it turned out really nice.) So, I was coloring one of the butterflies I had stamped with Hot Cocoa ink onto some parchment colored paper and it just did not  want pink and purple ink on it! The little guy was telling me no. So I made a little page with him in blues and a tad of green with the little story in Elian Script the page with him. 🙂 It turned out really cute, and wouldn’t you know it, he was next to Link in the book! Lol. Navi colors. That just tickled me. I’ll see about posting some photos later on. 😉

Tah for now ❤


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