Lunch @ Mom’s


Lunch at Mom’s is always awesome. 😀 Little bit of butter and cinnamon on the sweet potatoes and I’ll have my “dessert” with my meal. ❤


This is “Boho Glam”


This is the piece that I’ve been working on for the past two months and everyone agreed to showcase my work in the display box at Happy Jack’s. So, if you live in town or are visiting; look for it there! 🙂 This is the second soutache piece I’ve made ( I counted the denim set as one piece, but I guess I’ve technically made 4 now). I’m thrilled to have it on display and when I get it back it will be going directly into my Etsy shop. So, until then; please look at my other pieces!

Busy day & new hair style


I woke up with a headache today that got steadily worse. My loving husband gave me some pain killers and food (including some nice cold stuff that helped a lot). We had stuff to do today!
I tried styling my hair a bit differently & I think it looks pretty good.
Tumblebeads  (the bead club I am a part of) has the bead challenges due tomorrow evening and I’m working on finishing touches right now. Decided to take a short break to blog. 😉 I am loving the way it looks! I’m sorry to keep all my friends and followers in suspense but I don’t want to reveal it until after it is judged by the others tomorrow. I will be  selling it on etsy once I’m done. So if you see it and like it be sure to check my etsy shop later:
❤ Tah for now!

Did my nails


I did my nails today. I get tired of the same color before it is ready to come off now. French tips with a little sparkle. Lovely.
I took photos of my jewelry to put in my Etsy shop. I should have it up tonight sometime. So look for it all tomorrow! 😀
I’ve found that my ring is too loose on my ring finger half the time. So I’ve taken to moving it onto a different finger. I’m dissapointed, of course, but I don’t need a specific ring to tell me I’m married. ❤ Hopefully we will be able to upgrade our rings later (after we move).
Bye for now! ❤
PS: I added the photos I took into my media on here.

Purging Pens

Hi All, 🙂

I went to Tumblebeads last night & took my markers & pens to one of the ladies that goes there too. I know she will get some use from them. So I am happy & she is happy. Yay! I just noticed I had some markers in my back stock bag that should have gone with the sharpies I’m giving away. She will get those next week. 😉

Another friend of mine from P.V.Q. gave me a couple small storage bins! The second biggest thing I’ve been needing has been storage! Yay! I now have a spot to put all my little office supplies and my thread scraps! I’m thrilled!

I’m off to do my nails (I got a new color for my birthday) and probably do a raw edge, chair cover/blanket. I don’t like having to lint roll the chairs all the time (cat fur). I’d rather do extra laundry. 😉 Plus, they will be there for if I get too cold.