Purging Pens

Hi All, 🙂

I went to Tumblebeads last night & took my markers & pens to one of the ladies that goes there too. I know she will get some use from them. So I am happy & she is happy. Yay! I just noticed I had some markers in my back stock bag that should have gone with the sharpies I’m giving away. She will get those next week. 😉

Another friend of mine from P.V.Q. gave me a couple small storage bins! The second biggest thing I’ve been needing has been storage! Yay! I now have a spot to put all my little office supplies and my thread scraps! I’m thrilled!

I’m off to do my nails (I got a new color for my birthday) and probably do a raw edge, chair cover/blanket. I don’t like having to lint roll the chairs all the time (cat fur). I’d rather do extra laundry. 😉 Plus, they will be there for if I get too cold.


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