Class at Tumblebeads

I taught Viking Knit Wire Weaving at the last Tumblebeads meeting. It was great fun! 🙂 I had two students. The rest of the group just watched. One of them did really great for a beginner; I was pleasantly surprised! I think she may enjoy doing a lot more wire weaving in the future. I think my other student struggled because of her equipment at the time. We should be able to work on her project at the next meeting. She had a finished piece in mind & I’m excited to see it completed! 🙂

Sorry, no photos this post, I was busy teaching ❤ 🙂

I have to say, I didn’t think I would become a teacher – for anything! I like helping ppl learn new things (or get a refresher). It is fun! 😀 I love creating things and sharing that desire to create stuff.


Birthday Craftiness


My Hunny’s Birthday was this month & we all gathered a nice big surprise for him. I had to wait until afterwards to do this post (or it would ruin the surprise).

He got two physical gifts and I managed to make them pretty but masculine with some packing paper and washi tapes.


I sealed it up pretty good on the back too. But the card held the BIG surprise!



He got a year long subscription to a game site we love to play! It was something he would never have gotten himself but it will be used throughout the year. Yay!

Now, if any of you watch Rick & Morty (it is a cartoon for adults) then you know what the drawing is and what the word “means”. Haha.

For my artsy friends out there – I free hand drew this cartoon Rick by looking at images off of image search and using a piece of sketch paper from one of my sketchbooks (Master’s Touch  9″×12″ 60# paper spiral sketchbook. I got mine at Hobby Lobby with a coupon). I drew it with a mechanical pencil and eraser, then drew over the simple line art with my Chameleon detail pen. ( )
I colored it in with the Chameleon Pens in the following colors: BL3 sky blue – for his hair, BG4 aqua marine – for his shirt, CG8 cool grey – for the shadows, NU1 bisque – for his skin tones, YG3 spring meadow – for the little dab of drool he always seems to have going on, and CB colorless blender for any areas that were a bit too dark or needed extra blending.

Unfortunately I don’t have a set up where I could record what I’m doing to show everyone. Maybe after Christmas or next year? I think I would like doing that but as it is now… my studio is still quite a mess.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
Bye for now!

“New” Pitt Pen

Black Big Brush Pen

I got a “new” (it was on close out), “black” (looks like a dark grey) Stampers Big Brush Pen. I am not concerned that it isn’t truly black. I got it because it was cheaper than buying the same thing in another section of the store & it is refillable. So, I’ll have a nice dark grey for a while and then refill it with black. 🙂

I also bought a very light grey brush pen ( the smaller version) earlier in August. I plan on using it up and refilling it with white. 🙂 They don’t make the smaller size in white. So I’ll make my own. I also liked the light grey so much that I’ll replace it when my current one dries up.

I’ve been leaving “Random acts Of Art” around town lately. Hopefully I’ll get a picture in my email of someone who picked one up soon. (Hint- Foodie places!)

I hope everyone is having a great day!