Storage for stencils and pens


Loving the stencil storage area above my desk & pre-prepped sewing area. When I get the urge to sew or use my stencils: I just pull out, or down, what I want to use and put it back when I’m done. LoooOoove it!


Here is my pen & marker storage! This is JUST for the ones I use the most. I love this little spinner. It is the best size for carrying from one place to another and spins to help me find the color I’m looking for. I have it organized my color scheme. I seem to be (what I call) a stick media junkie. So the rest of my colored media in “stick” form will have to go in a seperate spinner (bigger and not as easy to move) until I can get a few more of the little ones like this.
In other news… (lol) I cleared off the top of the closet and am using for my books and binders for now.


I only have the shelf liner on the section that has the polka dot tape. I make laundry soap in the big bucket (& it makes a nice ottoman with a cushion btw). So, that stays there. I can put all the stuff inside it when it is empty of soap. So, it is pretty light & I won’t hurt myself putting it up there. The pink basket has sewing notions in it and I think I’ll keep it there. It is nice and handy when I want to sew.
So, that’s what is new with me!
Ttyl guys,


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