Quilt Pattern & Ink adventures

Worked on a quilt pattern the other day. Copying each piece and cutting it out to use. I am hoping to have the completed quilted wall hanging in this year’s quilt show and sell the patterns on Etsy sometime afterwards. I already have the fabrics chosen for this and it is going to be gorgeous! (I keep teasing my friend, who is getting the finished quilt.)


I think half of the fun for me is designing my own patterns. I like designing things and then making them. They don’t always turn out like you would expect but I can tweak it here and there until it is wonderful. 🙂
When I sell this design it will definitely be “field tested”! Lol
Oh! I had some interest in my bracelet at Tokay! Yay! (I am selling a jewelry set there right now, and hopefully put another piece in the gallery soon too.) If you guys don’t know already: Tokay Beaded Art Gallery is the only bead-focused art gallery in the world! I’m pretty sure…maybe you guys should go to her site and check to make sure I have that right! Hehe 😉


In other news… (yeah, I just like “saying” that) I have a new fountain pen that didn’t come with any ink. I thought “oh wouldn’t it be awesome if I could get some India ink and use it in my pen and I could have awesome colors and mix them and have shimmer and it will be permanent if I want to do water colors over a drawing or use alcohol pens or markers and I can refill it so it will last foreeeeeever?!” (Yes, I think in run-on sentences a lot.) Well, apparently  (according to the pen experts and anyone that I have asked that knows “stuff”) India ink has shellac in it. Shellac will ruin your pens. Sigh. 😦 Sniffle. I had to take my latest favorite color (and two others) back to the store. I am very saddened. I could use it with dip pens but I tried them and they are not my friends. We just don’t get along. So… back to looking at super expensive inks online – that may or may not look the way I want them to. Btw my latest favorite colors are a kind of coral and mint green. I’m talking bright orangey pink and bright teal green color. Not a soft mint that could be pastel and go in a baby’s room or a way too orange of a coral that it clashes.


The two photos above, are the colors. “Jade” and “iridescent Salmon”.
I was going to mix the Jade and this


Color together to get a pretty Caribbean deep sea look. Wouldn’t that be gorgeous to write with everyday?! 😮 I can’t seem to find the color of ink that I am looking for… anywhere. If you guys find it let me know ok? Fountain pen safe and permanent when dry.
Bye for now! 🙂


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