Watercolor brush roll


I think I may have finally decided on a use for my brush roll. 🙂 I don’t keep many brushes. So, this roll was just sitting around. Why use it when I have maybe 5 brushes that I use all the time. I could just toss them in my bag. The distress markers are waterbased and play well. So, I’ll have them and my brushes in here. We shall see how well I like it. (I don’t generally use single loop things.) I wonder how many colors he (Tim Holtz) makes in these anyway?… Hmm…
Bye for now!


“Galaxy of Stars”

That is the name of our upcoming Quilt Show for 2016. This will be our 10th anniversary show. It is Biennial (it happens every two years)–20 years of doing quilt shows by the Pecos Valley Quilters. This year I will be helping out by making some of the ribbons! Yay!  The Calico Cow donated some fabric to help me make some of them! 😮 Thanks Carolyn!!!


So, there is a ‘sneak peek’. 🙂 Now I get to make the ribbons and play in my studio! If you can make it to the quilt show; it will be September 16th & 17th. There are classes (you’ll need to sign up early and I believe they are on the 15th) and vendors too. Be sure to stop at the Calico Cow on Main Street if you get a chance too. She has some really lovely fabrics and notions in there! ❤

If you want to know more about the quilt show- stop by: Pecos Valley Quilters and check it out! We will have info on the website as it becomes available to the public, and the entry forms will be on the site soon. Please have a little patience with our editors and proof readers 🙂 ❤

Bye for now!

Easter & Funeral

Hello all,

I hope everyone had a great Easter. We did not.

Gpa Arnold was admitted to the hospital early Easter morning and passed away that same evening. We had his funeral Thursday morning. If you feel the need to send cards or flowers, while the sentiment is lovely, we would much prefer to have the money that you may spend on those things, to help with bills and other assistance. Thank you all for your prayers and kind thoughts while we go through this trying time.

Love you all,

Bye for now