Drawing Faces

I’ve had really bad back pain the first part of the week. So, yesterday and today has been a couple of “stationary” days. I’ve been designing things for the quilt guild / quilt show committee ( PVQ ) on my laptop, which I’ll work on the physical parts on a different day. Also, I’m practicing drawing my faces. Yay!


I’m still not quite happy with the way my ears look. So, I’m really focusing on those. I think this one will have hair covering her ears. I’ll eventually get the ears the way I want them to look – in some way that works for me. When I do, I’ll be drawing some short hairstyles!

I did a short unboxing video recently and I want to continue making some short little videos. It will depend on the way I am feeling at the time and possibly if my lovely husband will help me by holding the camera (my phone) or getting a tripod that will hold it for me. I just want you all to know that I’m planning on more videos. 😉

I would like to know if you want to see organizing, or art videos first. Please comment below and let me know!


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