Stamp & color

Latest project:


I had a lot of fun with this one. Idk why I went with pink but I really like it. This is a Julie Nutting ( Julie Nutting’s website) Stamp and I used it on Bristol paper.

I used my Chameleon Pens  ( Chameleon Pens website ) in the colors: Bubble gum (PK3), Cool grey (CG8), Bisque (NU1), Fawn (NU3), Hot Cocoa (BR2), and Bark (BR5). All of these are in the basic 22 pc set (since that is what I have). You can probably use your Copics or some similar colors in alcohol inks. Those are what I used since I have them and don’t really want to get any other brands. I do like the few Copics that I have but like the versatile nature of the Chameleon Pens for what I use them for.

I also used my Derwent (Derwent website ) pencils. I used the Inktense pencil in Fushsia 0700 (that is the spelling on the pencil). The last color in this was the Metallic in Purple 89. Both of these were from the pack of 12 from their respective tins. I like the shimmer on her dress from the metallic, and she looks party ready.

Oh, and I used a water brush with distilled water. I only use distilled water in my water sprayers, misters, and brushes. We have very hard water.

I wish I could have set this up to be recorded so I could show how I did it. I couldn’t tell you how long it took because I was doing other things at the time too (and I take frequent breaks).  Maybe I’ll get a tripod (or something that will work) by Christmas. 🙂 It also seems that I’ll need to use my phone for my videos for the time being. So, I’ll try to keep the camera steady and keep my vids real short. 😉

I’m undecided on whether I want to put her in my art journal, on a card with foam dots (for dimension), or just color the other three before I decide on anything. Leave me a comment if you have any ideas!
Bye for now!


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