“Batumber” Zentangle

Hi Everyone!

Today’s zentangle is called “Batumber”.

I put down big swaths of color with Tim Holtz distress crayons from the brights set. Then sectioned it off with my new Twin Marker (by Pilot). I like the way it looks like pink flowers a little bit.

If you are interested in joining the same group and doing a zentangle a day. The group is “Mindful Creativity with Tangles” on Facebook.

#ZenArtChallenge @MindfulCreativity

Bye for now!

Audra 🙂


How to draw an 8 pointed star (my way)

Hi Everyone!

I just recently joined a group on Facebook that does a Zentangle a day and one of them was a star shape. I saw that a couple ppl on there had trouble drawing the stars. So, I thought I would do a little blog post (with a bunch of photos) on how draw an eight point star (or any even number really). This particular Zentangle that I did was done with eight points and then colored with Inktense pencils. They call this one “Midoosa”.


First you use a ruler and Pencil for these steps:


Draw your lines. You want to draw four lines for an eight pointed star. These lines were all 5 inches long and the center of the lines are 2.5 inches. You could eyeball it but it doesn’t look as symmetrical when you are done.

Next: Get your compass out and draw a circle, with the center being the center of all those cool lines you just made. (All in pencil.)


Now: Get your ruler and draw lines in between the first ones you drew but only up to the edge of the circle. My circle is 1.5″.  This part I had to eyeball and it usually looks good. (NB: If you want skinny longer points then this part you will want to make your circle smaller on. If you want it to be a cute, chubby, baby star- then you’ll want to make the circle bigger.) This is how it should look now:


Next, you will make a zig zag line between the end of the lines: Long line to short line to long line and so on. This part you will do in PEN. 


Last: Erase your pencil lines and you should have something that looks similar to this


I filled mine with a pattern and did a little watercolor with Inktense pencils 🙂


Have fun playing!

Bye for now!

Audra 🙂

‪#‎ZenArtChallenge‬ @MindfulCreativity

Jetpens Unboxing: Multipens

Hi Everyone!

I ordered some pens from Jetpens and my package came in! I have been wanting a customizable multipen for a while now and was able to get both the Coleto 5 in clear/silver and a Frixion 3 in blue (my most used frixion color) by Pilot. I also got the Pilot Twin Marker (in black) for my art journaling. It is oil and alcohol based. It did heavily ghost through/ bleed through the back of the paper I was using but didn’t touch the next page. You may have some problems with this marker if you want to use it straight on a very thin planner page. I will be using it on top of Washi (one of the best pens for that, or so I read somewhere) and on top of watercolor pages, acrylic paints, and dried multi medium.  I will do a short review of it; on top of these, in a video, later on.

I ordered them as a reward for doing a LOT of organizing and cleaning in my studio over the week (last week).


Hey Everyone!

I am so happy today! With help (Thanx again!) I was able to toss two huge bags of trash, take the printer cart and file cube to the new place for them, and box and bag about three bags worth of stuff for a thrift store. Yay! I was even able to fit all my mini albums in a little drawer! I’ll make sure to work on them in the next couple of months 

I’m wondering if there is a thing to attach to a tripod (or two in my case) that will hold my huge phone for filming. I can’t hold a phone and do stuff with both my hands. I’d like to be able to video my process while crafting and doing art. At the moment I have my cell phone to use for this (no dedicated camcorder or camera). I have a small tripod I can fit on my desk and I’m sure my Husband will let me use his huge floor tripod for the other area. I like to move from my desk to a more comfy sitting space, across the room, in the middle of “arting”. So, I’d like to have the one on the desk and the other above the chair. If I’m able to find something like this (inexpensive) you can expect a lot of videos soon! So, we shall see. Definitely keep your eyes peeled and send me links if you find it! 

This is a clown my Gma made for me years ago. It has a wood block body, Styrofoam head, and dowel rods in its arms and legs. Just one of the things I let go of today. 

Bye for now!

Selling stuff #2 (ended)

I’m also selling this 12×12 paper file cube. One week from today (Tuesday, July 12) I will see what offers I’ve gotten for this and the best one (that was first, if there are any that are the same) is the one I will sell it to. Please email me with offers. This has all four of the hanging file folders that it came with and the paper for it is taped to the inside front of it (in a baggie). Thanx for looking!

Update: This has found a new home.

Selling stuff (ended)


I have slowly been figuring out what works for me and what doesn’t (storage solutions & the ability to get to the items easily). I have two printer carts and that is a bit redundant. So, I’m selling the super nice one that is wood with a glass top. I left all my messy items in it (it was a catch all) for the photos. I wasn’t sure that you would be able to see it well if I didn’t. Please make me an offer (I will entertain offers for a week exactly). (Pick up in town only.) The glass WILL COME OUT! Just be aware of that. Thank you! 🙂

Update: This has found a home.