Hey Everyone!

I am so happy today! With help (Thanx again!) I was able to toss two huge bags of trash, take the printer cart and file cube to the new place for them, and box and bag about three bags worth of stuff for a thrift store. Yay! I was even able to fit all my mini albums in a little drawer! I’ll make sure to work on them in the next couple of months 

I’m wondering if there is a thing to attach to a tripod (or two in my case) that will hold my huge phone for filming. I can’t hold a phone and do stuff with both my hands. I’d like to be able to video my process while crafting and doing art. At the moment I have my cell phone to use for this (no dedicated camcorder or camera). I have a small tripod I can fit on my desk and I’m sure my Husband will let me use his huge floor tripod for the other area. I like to move from my desk to a more comfy sitting space, across the room, in the middle of “arting”. So, I’d like to have the one on the desk and the other above the chair. If I’m able to find something like this (inexpensive) you can expect a lot of videos soon! So, we shall see. Definitely keep your eyes peeled and send me links if you find it! 

This is a clown my Gma made for me years ago. It has a wood block body, Styrofoam head, and dowel rods in its arms and legs. Just one of the things I let go of today. 

Bye for now!


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