How to draw an 8 pointed star (my way)

Hi Everyone!

I just recently joined a group on Facebook that does a Zentangle a day and one of them was a star shape. I saw that a couple ppl on there had trouble drawing the stars. So, I thought I would do a little blog post (with a bunch of photos) on how draw an eight point star (or any even number really). This particular Zentangle that I did was done with eight points and then colored with Inktense pencils. They call this one “Midoosa”.


First you use a ruler and Pencil for these steps:


Draw your lines. You want to draw four lines for an eight pointed star. These lines were all 5 inches long and the center of the lines are 2.5 inches. You could eyeball it but it doesn’t look as symmetrical when you are done.

Next: Get your compass out and draw a circle, with the center being the center of all those cool lines you just made. (All in pencil.)


Now: Get your ruler and draw lines in between the first ones you drew but only up to the edge of the circle. My circle is 1.5″.  This part I had to eyeball and it usually looks good. (NB: If you want skinny longer points then this part you will want to make your circle smaller on. If you want it to be a cute, chubby, baby star- then you’ll want to make the circle bigger.) This is how it should look now:


Next, you will make a zig zag line between the end of the lines: Long line to short line to long line and so on. This part you will do in PEN. 


Last: Erase your pencil lines and you should have something that looks similar to this


I filled mine with a pattern and did a little watercolor with Inktense pencils 🙂


Have fun playing!

Bye for now!

Audra 🙂

‪#‎ZenArtChallenge‬ @MindfulCreativity


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