Unboxing Totally Tiffany Products

Hi All!

Today I get to unbox and demo some products that I won and purchased @ Totally-Tiffany! I have several videos that are up on YouTube if you want to skip on over there and watch instead of reading and watching on here. 😉

First – a little about what I got! I ordered the Sweet Sixteen pages to help me continue my organizing of ‘my tiny things’. (3×3 pockets= delica beads, floss, floss bobbins with washi tape all have a home.) I got the Color Keeper Stand and Store (in black) and the Rotating Design Board. I am very excited to get to be one of the first ppl to get to use these two new products and I’m going to love organizing even more with the pages! ❤ Yay!!! Thank you Tiffany Spaulding for all your great products, for listening to your customers (and fan base) and giving us a chance to win prizes!!!! Thank you Karen (and the other lady whose name I don’t know–please tell me?) for working with me and being amazing!!! Thank you for such great customer service! (I really think they have AMAZING customer service.)  I had a blast doing these little videos and getting to show off what these look like. I am not paid or sponsored by Totally-Tiffany or anything like that. I only did these videos to show those following my blog or subscribed to my YouTube Channel what they are like and my opinions of them. 😉

(The Sweet Sixteen pages I will show in another video and photos, on a different blog post.)




I really enjoyed playing with these a little bit and testing them out. I hope you enjoyed the videos. If you like my blog please follow me here, on WordPress. My videos are all on YouTube and you can subscribe to my channel if you would prefer to watch videos and not do a lot of reading.

I hope you all have a STUPENDOUS day!


Update: The other customer service person I talked to was Sue! Thank you Sue!


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