At the Lovington Quilt Show

Mom & I, at the quilt show in Lovington. I think it is super cute that they had a welcome banner quilt right near the entrance.

We went to see Sabrina Ericksen’s Orange Peel demo. It was a quick fun little demo and I learned something I can use! 😀 

After the Orange Peel demo, we viewed the quilts. I took photos of some, of the 93, they had on display.

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Then we went to the Cornerstone Coffeehouse for lunch. I like the colors they painted the interior in. It works very well for the space.


The food was very good. I think they made the bread there at the shop.


From there we visited their quilt shop: The Country Store. They were all very friendly and willing to help. I liked the signs (especially the second one) and cash register and look at how organized they are! I love the rainbow of fabrics with the different sized ones on the corresponding shelves. ❤


I thought the prices were a bit more than I was used to (I have only shopped at two other quilt stores besides this one.) but there were a couple of things I just couldn’t resist picking up.


Some “Bobbinis” (I have one in use with the green thread) and the Beta fish fabric. I’m not sure if you can see it in the photo, but it has some sparkle to it.

We returned to the quilt show for the second demo of the day. Vestal Lair taught “Batik’s Gone Wild” Lap Quilt. I was very impressed. Both of these demos are things that I will put into use and were quick and informative. She told us her tips and tricks. (The things that a book won’t remind you to do!) Both ladies were kind enough to let me snap a photo of them showing off their demo pieces and quilts. I felt like paparazzi! 🙂 (The nice kind, of course.)


I was also happy to see Vestal’s quilt used up every bit of the fabric that had been cut into the squares and strips! Yay, for no scraps!


This is their Viewer’s Choice “Ribbon”. Isn’t it a nifty idea? They made a pincushion for the winner to use and be reminded of her success. (Don’t get me wrong! Ribbons are still cool, but it is nice to have a useful item too commemorate also. 😉 )

They had two raffle baskets that were irresistible as well. Each one had fabric and 10 rotary blades! 😮 I hope I win!

Thank you to the cheerful, vibrant ladies that were so kind and helpful to us today!!! ❤ I hope to return to your next quilt show and see your beautiful items.

Thanks for stopping by!

Audra aka Empress Syren

PS-If you didn’t look at all the photos in the slide show yet, I recommend that you scroll back up and check it out one more time. 😉 There is quite a gorgeous quilt in there that doesn’t seem like it was placed the right way at first. The photo is NOT of the back of the quilt. The quilter did an amazing job really showing off her quilting on the whole cloth side of her quilt. (It looked as though it was a reversible quilt to me. I didn’t think to ask.)