Honey’s Slim Pickin’s Challenge

Hi Everyone!

I watched Ali Brown, over on YouTube, and she made this challenge called: Honey’s Slim Pickin’s. (Please go watch her video for the introduction into the whole thing.) The rules are that you get your Honey (could be a kid or family member or close friend if you don’t have a significant other) to pick out 5 things for you to make an art journal page with. The Journal itself doesn’t count, nor do tools and adhesive products.

I did a couple videos. One is the intro and my Honey picking my items out. The other is me actually creating stuff from the items I was given. I am very happy that I didn’t feel like I cheated. 🙂 {I think I would have if I wasn’t given something to write with!}

My Honey picked 5 things I don’t reach for all that often.

I certainly wouldn’t have chosen those two colors together either. So that was a surprise.

I was holding out on those cardboard stencils. I think maybe because they are easier to destroy than the plastic ones. I don’t usually reach for stencils to begin with either. They should never be too precious to use though. That’s why I got them after all! 🙂

The Chameleon Pen was a surprise too. I usually stick with water based or India ink. They don’t generally bleed through my pages, and I am working in a thin paper (inside my current art journal).  I’ve gotten comfortable with certain types and forget to branch out every once in a while.

The digital image is something only he would think of for me. ❤ I usually take photos and print them out on my Zip. I don’t really go for the ‘big’ printer very often at all, and it is usually for text. (Makes me want the typewriter by WRMK- in white or mint color, of course. I could go out on what Ali calls a bunny trail, with this one…)

The Postie notes were a BIG surprise too. (I’ve been ‘saying’ that a lot… surprise!) I use my posties ALL the time, but wouldn’t consider putting them into a spread.

Then to top it all off– he chose the red spray. I wonder if he checked to see which one was more full than the others, or if he was just looking for red… Hmm…

He DID kind of give me a theme to go off of. The dragon image and the scaly pattern in the stencil were both dragon themed. With the dragon theme and my attempt at drawing one… I think this is something I want to work on some more. I’ll have to get out the sketchbook, pencil, dragon drawing book, and get some practice in!

I had fun and it got me out of my comfort zone and using stuff I hadn’t picked up in a while (or …ever… *cough, cough*).

I hope that you will all do this challenge with me and post photos and videos as you like. 🙂